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Our Services


Parent Training

Parent training is available for all intensive and ongoing clients. The skills taught to the child within the treatment session are shared with the parents/caregivers so the child can continue to utilize skills learned in a structured setting to the natural environment. Our staff adapts this training to meet any family's needs. Beyond ABA also works one on one with parents/caregivers to create strategies in order to help the child overcome maladaptive behaviors that may be occurring outside of treatment sessions.


School Observations

Beyond ABA also provides school observations, as well as participation within a child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Observations are available to assist the teacher and classroom staff with daily functioning for children on the autism spectrum within the classroom. Functional behavioral assessments are conducted and behavior intervention plans are reviewed in an effort to encourage consistency across home and school environments. Our goal is to support teachers and classmates on the specific needs of the child while promoting positive social interactions between both child and teacher as well as child and peers.

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Speech Therapy


Direct Services

Beyond ABA is proud to offer in-home and in-clinic direct applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for our clients.  Our dedicated team develops an individualized plan unique to each client and includes behavior reduction, behavior replacement, and skill acquisition goals.  Our staff work directly with the clients, utilizing discrete trial training (DTT), natural environment training (NET) and incidental teaching to promote positive behavioral growth within our clients! 



At Beyond ABA,  we utilize Functional Behavioral Assessments in conjunction with skill-based assessments such as the ABLLS-R, (The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised), VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program), and AFLS (Assessment of Functional Living Skills), as well as standardized assessments such as the Vineland III, in order to create the most optimal treatment program for the child.  These assessments aide in the identification of the child's strengths and weaknesses, as well as helps to identify potential gaps in the child's learning ability. These assessments provide our staff a starting point to customize a unique treatment plan and offer advice which will allow individuals and families to reach their goals.


Social Group

Beyond ABA is excited to offer social group opportunities for our clients within the clinic setting.  Groups range from 2-4 students, each accompanied by a behavior technician.  Our group places a heavy emphasis on social and communication skills taught in a semi-structured environment.  Clients are encouraged to independently initiate, maintain, and complete social interactions with their peers, and simultaneously work on generalizing the individual goals provided during direct one on one sessions. Our group offers motivating weekly themed programs and activities to accompany!  

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